April 30

How was your weekend? #1

I always take an interest in my students’ lives (positive strokes and all that) and so every Monday / Tuesday I ask them about their weekend. In the series “How was your weekend?” I’ll be giving you a range of ideas for how to ask students about the weekend.

How was your weekend? #1

I have a student who really does seem to have a very boring life. Every Monday when I ask him about his weekend, he shrugs his shoulders and makes a sound which is something along the lines of “nada” (nothing in Spanish). He doesn’t enjoy speaking anyway, and so made the mistake of thinking that telling me he had done nothing would make me pass quickly to the next student.

Off went the lights, out came the torch (in the cupboard in case of a powercut) and the interrogation began.

“Did you watch TV?”
“What channels did you you watch?”
“Were you watching a film or a documentary?”
“Where was the documentary set? Was it in Spain? Was it on a beach, in the city or in the mountains?”
“Was it about animals, a person or a historical event?”

The interrogation-style questioning was fun for all and although it was still a bit of a challenge to get more than the most basic answer out of him, at least I discovered that he did slightly more than “nada” all weekend.


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