March 26

First Day Of Blog

Am feeling a little nervous, like I do on the first day at school. The anxiety of facing a group of students who you’ll be working with for the next nine months is a daunting experience.

And starting a blog feels strangely similar – the need to strike a good impression in the first post in order to captivate my readers and encourage you to return. If this were a group of teens I would currently be bribing you with a Linkin Park song and the promise of more songs in the future. If it were a class of young learners, I would give you each a sweet at the end of the page, so you leave with a smile, eager to return next lesson.

So, how can I, The English Teacher, encourage you to return and read the next post? I can’t promise miracle activities that will make your students think you are the best teacher in the world…ever; nor lesson plans which cater for all the Multiple Intelligences in a single bound.

What I can offer are my experiences as a teacher, ideas for you to use in the classroom and, on ocassion, the odd ramble about nothing in particular.

Posted March 26, 2009 by Teresa Bestwick in category My thoughts

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