May 24

CertTESOL Useful Links

Language Awareness: Grammar

Parts of speech and basic tenses – check out this introductory video by Kate, one of Active Language’s teacher trainers

Onestop English Grammar Reference – find links here to articles on teaching different tenses with ideas for activities

Verb Tenses – highly comprehensive aid for tenses from English Page

Language Awareness: Lexis

Presenting Vocabulary – a very useful article from the British Council

Is lexis more important than grammar? – a potentially controversial article from Hugh Dellar

Teaching chunks rather than semantic sets – an interesting approach from Leo Sullivan

Dependent Prepositions – a very comprehensive list with verbs, adjectives and nouns

Teaching Collocations – a good guide to different types of collocations and possible issues with them

Language Awareness: Phonology

Cambridge English Phonetics Focus

Onestop English Interactive Phonemic Chart

Adrian Underhill’s site – fabulous input from the creator of the Sound Foundations phonemic chart

HancockMcDonald – excellent resources for teaching phonology


An Overview of ELT Methodologies

ELT Methods and Approaches – an incredibly thorough guide to some of the major methodologies


British Council Teaching Knowledge Database – great go-to site for terminology, methodology, classroom management techniques and more

ELT Glossary – my own collection of terms and acronyms