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Missing teens…

on November 20, 2011

I’ve spent this weekend planning a session for our next staff meeting and also for the FECEI conference in Madrid in February.  When my boss first asked me to do a session on teens, I jumped at the chance as I really enjoy teaching that age group and getting to know the individuals in the class.

Unfortunately I don’t have any teens this year and as I’ve been planning this session, I’ve realised that I actually miss them.  Yes, they’re often a pain as they go through phases of despising education, authority figures and everyone in the class with them; but they’re also diverse, independent characters who are just looking to be accepted and find their place in the world…

2 Responses to “Missing teens…”

  1. ShadowFalcon says:

    You miss teenagers? T, you are just affirming my view that you are unbelievably nice. I fear Teens…all of them, even when I was one of them. But for your sake I hope you get some next year – at least you make a good role model

  2. Richard says:

    I’ve only just come across this post and wanted to say that after your session last week I got the same feeling! I love teaching 14-18 yr olds and would love to be teaching more of them.



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