January 18

Alphabet Rub-off

This game is perfect for the last five minutes of a class when you just need a quick filler to get the students out of their seats.  Divide the class into two teams and write the alphabet on the board for each team, jumbling the letters around.
Give the first member of each team a clue and the first person to rub off the correct letter wins a point.  Make sure you see where the letter is before giving the clue so you’ll know which team has rubbed it off first.  And also it’s a good idea to say that they can only rub off one letter each round.
You can give clues such as:
The last letter of the plural of child.
The last letter of all regular verbs in the past simple.
The letter which appears twice in the plural of foot.
The third letter of the past participle of swim.
The fifth letter of the comparative of happy.


Posted January 18, 2010 by Teresa Bestwick in category Vocabulary Activities

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